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Some people will encounter a period of adjustment when start taking dietary supplements. These symptoms seem to be sickness, however they are not. These are the reactions by our poorly nourished body towards dietary supplements that come in sudden - This is healing crisis. 

shaklee Malaysia; supplement crisis

During the period of adjustment, there is possibility that the illness which the body had encountered before will surface. This normally last for a few days, the weaker is the body, the longer is the healing crisis period. 
This is caused by the toxins which had been accumulated in our body over a long period of time - wastes, chemical food, fat and stress coupled with improper diet, lack of sleep, antibiotic or medication taken. Dietary supplement helps to enhance our immune system, detoxification ability as well as regulation our organs. 

During the period of detoxification, there is possibility of headache, tiredness dizziness, indigestion (Bloated stomach, hungry), diarrhea, more phlegm, murky urine, feeling warm, sweaty etc. The symptoms varied among individual and normally last from 1 - 2 weeks. 

During healing crisis period, you should drink plenty of water, rest well and eat more of fresh vegetables & fruit. As long as we understand that these are symptoms of healing, we will face it with ease. 

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