YOUTH Skin Care - Unlock the secret of true beauty.

For more than 60 years, Shaklee have been helping people Live Younger Longer by addressing aging at the cellular level. Now we are applying that same success to helping people Look Younger Longer too. 

Our promise is that YOUTH skin will not only dramatically improve the health of your skin but is 100% guaranteed to shift your skin to a younger age. Really!

Shaklee knew YOUTH Complex would transform how people saw themselves, but could shaklee prove that their skin actually became younger?

Clinically developed by world-class skin experts, the skin Age Index provided a factual, clinical way to prove the effect YOUTH has on the appearance and age of skin. The results are remarkable. 

2/3 of women shifted their skin age into a younger decade with YOUTH

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YES. 100% of women had younger looking skin, with improvements in just 7 days, and continued use, 2/3 shifted their skin age into a younger decade. 

YOUTH offers clinically proven products created in harmony with nature - bringing you clinical results without compromise. 

Clinically developed by world-class skin experts, the Skin Age Index measures the appearance of key signs of aging with factual clinical data. 
  • Facial wrinkles 
  • Pore size 
  • Skin tone
  • Firmness
  • Skin texture
  • Hyper pigmentation 
  • Radiance 
  • Sagging 
Shaklee proven you dont't have to sacrifice safety and purity for efficacy. All YOUTH products are designed and developed without the harmful chemicals and questionable ingredients found in so many other products that impact you and the planet. 

Shaklee screen for over 350 contaminants, pesticides, and impurities on every new botanical ingredient, 3x more than required. Shaklee perform more than 100,000 quality tests per year to ensure YOUTH products are safe. 

Shaklee Always put the earth first - We were the first company in the world to fully offset all our carbon emissions so as to leave no footprint on our planet. 

 100% Vegan. 

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