NutriWhite Shaklee: Your Daily Gentle Skin Care

NutriWhite was created especially for you based on our experience that science is most beautiful when balanced with nature. 16 plant extracts were carefully selected from all over the world for their ability to whiten and bring a youthful glow to your complexion. Along with our exclusive blend of botanical ingredients, patent-pending WhiteN-16, NutriWhite also contains an active Vitamin C derivative that helps enhance your skin's brightness and radiance for a natural, flawless complexion all-year around. 

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1. NutriWhite Gentle Deep Foaming Cleanser 150ml (RM119)
Gentle deep foaming cleanser is a mild, refreshing cleanser, specially formulated to purify your skin 

2. NutriWhite Spot Whitening Treatment 10ml (RM150.00)
Spot whitening treatement brightens sun freckles and age spots for an even, luminous tone and complexion 

3. NutriWhite Ultimate Protection Whitening Lotion 50ml (RM200)
Ultimate protection whitening lotion is a lightweight, but effective daytime moisturizer that protects the skin from the adverse effects of sun exposure. 

4. NutriWhite Gentle Action Makeup Remover 150ml (RM95)
Gentle action makeup remover gently but thoroughly removes makeup from your face without leaving a greasy after-feel. 

5. NutriWhite Overnight Renewal Whitening Cream 48g (RM225)
Overnight renewal whitening cream replenishes your skin with enriched natural nutrients while you sleep. Your skin feel hydrated and appears smoother and brighter the next morning. 

6. NutriWhite Soothing Radiance Whitening Softener  150ml (RM138)
Soothing radiance whitening softener is formulated to calm your skin and restore its natural PH balance after cleansing, leaving your face feeling soft radiant. 

7. NutriWhite Daily Defense Whitening Essence 30ml (RM231) 
Daily defense whitening essence is enriched with herbal ingredients that brighten your complexion while hydrating and softening your skin.  

Natural nutrients found in patent-pending WhiteN-16

  1. Bearberry 
  2. Soybean
  3. Aloe 
  4. Beech tree
  5. Strawberry Begonia 
  6. Mulberry 
  7. Rosemary 
  8. Peony 
  9. Sullcap 
  10. Arnica Montana 
  11. Uncaria Gambir 
  12. Kudzu 
  13. Linden 
  14. Marshmallow 
  15. Algae 
  16. Green Algae 

You can either get the whole set or buy loose based on your own budget. 
For me I will suggest you to try out the gentle deep foaming cleanser and Gentle action makeup remover. 1 bottle can last up to half a year. Seriously super save! 

Contact me to get a discount price! 


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