Shaklee Penang: Vivix Criteria As The Best Anti-Aging Solution

Vivix is an exclusive, patent-pending, resveratol-polyphenol blend with ingredients shown in laboratory research to positively impact four key mechanisms of cellular aging, including cell defense, cell energy, cell repair, and cell performance. 

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There are so many resveratrol supplement at the market, but Vivix Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic is different and proven to work as million was invested in the research which collaborated with University of Georgia, the team of 30 brilliant scientists has succeeded in creating the natural tonic that work at cellular level to block the mechanisms of aging. 

Anti cancer; Anti aging; Vivix Shaklee; Shaklee Penang; Shaklee Malaysia; The best natural tonic

Higher Potency and higher purity

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill biochemistry professor, Dr. Stephen Chaney who teaches nutrition to medical students and he authored over 80 published journals said that resveratrol in Shaklee’s Vivix is with higher potency and higher purity in preparation compare to other resveratrol related supplement on the market.
The reason why Resveratrol preparation has to be at 98% pure or better, else resulting to a laxative effect and it tend to cause more side effect then beneficial effects.

Potent amount to gain its benefit

Studies result of Harvard University shocked many resveratrol scientist that the amount needed for a significant benefit are greater than they expected.  One or two glasses of red wine were found to be not enough.  So older resveratrol supplements are being affected by the research result, they just are not potent enough.  But in Vivix, the amount of resveratrol is guided by the latest scientific studies and emerging studies.

Polyphenol blend in resveratrol preparations

Resveratrol alone can not do all the wonder works in anti-aging.  That is why Shaklee goes beyond resveratrol by adding a polyphenol blend derived from Muscadine grapes, the only grape in nature with an extra chromosem to the purified resveratrol which is 10x more effective than resveratrol alone and is high in Ellagic acid.  Ellagic acid prevent an enzyme that is responsible for cellular aging – AGE  protein (advanced glycation end products).  Ellagic acid is important as resveratrol has no effect on the enzyme.
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Resveratrol principal isomers: Trans versus CIS

Vivix contains 100mg of only ultra-pure Trans-resveratrol which is more stable and easily absorbed by the human body and only Trans-resveratrol has been associated with health benefits.
CIS-resveratrol is NOT stable and NOT easily absorbed and CIS-resveratrol actually acts to nullify the effect of  Trans-resveratrol.  Shaklee will never use the  CIS-resveratrol.

Emodin elemination

Emodin is not toxic but it is an irritant when you take a longevity product daily. Its is found in Japanese Knotweed, an ingredient in Vivix that is a laxative.   The unique extraction process developed by the Shaklee science team has eliminate all emodin  from Vivix so you don’t have to worry about the laxative effect of frequent bowel movement.
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